Innovater A/S develops property projects in Denmark. Since the beginning in 2008, Innovater has developed more than 220,000 square metres. Innovater is driven by a keen desire to always create projects that add value to the neighbourhood. The business concept behind Innovater is not the hunt for a “lucky buy”, but rather solid project development efforts. Developments involve close collaboration with authorities, investors, retail chains and non-profit housing associations. We do our utmost to create a respectful, open and honest dialogue with our business partners, considering everyone’s needs and wishes in the best possible manner.


Innovater started by developing projects for the retail segment, but as these chains wanted more locations close to urban core areas, Innovater expanded its business to include the development of flats, terraced houses and urban regeneration projects. Today, Innovater develops retail projects together with commercial and residential units in collaboration with both private and non-profit housing partners, including mixed-use projects.


Through a strong business model, Innovater has generated profit every year since the beginning in 2008, resulting in strong capital resources. We are privileged to have 20 of the industry’s most talented specialists at our offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. Collectively, they are our strongest resource, representing many years of experience in the property industry and with access to a wide network within development, financing and construction of property projects.

Environmentally-friendly focus

While considering the wishes and needs of our investors and tenants as well as the financial framework of the individual project, Innovater strives to limit our projects’ environmental impact. We take this into account already during the development phase to ensure that we develop the best possible solution to the specific project.


Innovater is based on solid family values. Forethought, commitment and care are embedded in everything we do – both inside and outside our organisation. As a result, we have a tradition of making donations to good causes annually, because we want to make a difference.