The process

Collaborating with external advisers and partners, Innovater’s highly experienced team has the expertise to run the entire process involved in a property development project:

  • Idea generation
  • Project development
  • Financial management
  • Letting
  • Construction management
  • Sale to investors
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Five essential milestones must be in place before we initiate a project:


Land purchase

Secured through final agreement, which is often initially also conditional on the performance of “other milestones”.


End user/Investor

Depending on the type of project, Innovater will always have secured the project’s earnings, either via investor sales, long-term letting contracts (commercial) and/or a joint venture with strong business partners.


Regulatory matters

Innovater obtains the planning basis for the
project and often also the building permit before the land is purchased.



Both the construction loan and equity/subordinate loan capital must be in place for completion of the entire project.



Innovater strives to build good relationships and close collaborations with experienced contractors, and we often have the contractor in place before we commit to a project. In some cases, the construction is carried out under a trade contract. This is especially relevant in renovation projects.